Welcome to Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Indore



Sector C, Sukhliya, Nayay Nagar, Main Road, Indore (M.P.)



The school has well equipped science laboratories with full safety measures and all necessary apparatus for biology chemistry and physics. Labs are equipped with adequate facilities and equipments for conducting experiments under the able guidance of teachers and lab incharges. The school also houses mathematics lab where students are introduced to an all together different realm of designing building of graphics and cutting and fixing of puzzles to prove many a mathematical equation.

Chemistry Lab


It is a place which inculcates scientific skills, linguistic and scientific temperament in the students. Our lab is well equipped, furnished, safe and secure. Our curriculum is strongly supported by these labs. It is the place to discover the world of molecules and reactions.




The Physics lab offers all kinds of amenities required while studying the subject. A big spacious well furnished lab, with plenty of instruments enables students to be comfortable while performing practicals as well as to enhance their knowledge.


Biology Lab


Our biology lab provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. It also enables students to study the unicellular and multicelluar organisms, including bacteria, insects etc. It is an effective means for comprehension, understanding and application of biological knowledge.