Welcome to Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Indore



Sector C, Sukhliya, Nayay Nagar, Main Road, Indore (M.P.)

Co-Curricular Activities


Interact Club

Ineract is a Rotary sponsored service club that gives young people an opportunity to participate in meaningful service project while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. The motto is "Service above Self" Through service activities students learn the importance of developing leadership skill and personal integrity demonstrating helpfulness and respect for other. Members of the club help to develop and carry out a wide variety of service project. The club is open to all ages.


German language classes

MTHSS promotes students for learning a foreign language like German and encouraging them to take it up. We place a special value on communicative language approach of speaking, reading and writing German. This Holistic approach enables our students to be well prepared for the globally networked society of knowledge that awaits them. At the end of course students receive certificate.



The school has an independent unit of NCC. NCC is an integral part of curriculum at school. NCC parade is held twice a week for the students, followed by refreshments. All candidates are given training as a part NCC activities.

The NCC provides exposure to the candidates in a wide range of activities with the distinct emphasis on social services discipline and adventure traning. The NCC is open to all regular students of school and on a voluntary.


Scouting and Guiding

Scouting and guiding is an international movement- intends to inculcate the young boys and girls a spirit of loyalty, Patriotism and thoughtfulness for others. MTHSS focuses to train the students to face the challenges a group getting accustomed to the prevailing environment.

They learn cooperation, camaraderie, group dynamics sportsmanship and some life skills to live peacefully in any situation. campfires and living in tents add up to their fun.


Karate and Yoga

Martial-Arts focuses on the body and the mind. The school have a well trained Karate and Yoga training facility which is important for the growth of children, because it promotes health and mind balance throughout the life.

Yoga classes at MTHSS not only provides great benefits to students but also increase their focuses on learning. These classes help them develop their physical and mental awareness and develop their health skills.