Welcome to Mar Thoma Academy


Scheme No. 114, Plot-1, Indore-452010, M.P. India

Co-Curricular Activities


The school has a variety of Co-Curricular activities for the holistic development of the personality of the student. With this objective, sports, games and other co-curricular activities are articulated with the course of studies . The inter house and Inter school art and other cultural competitions are held to develop genuine competitive spirit and enrich various talents in pupils.


Students Forum

In a democratic set up likes us, the activities of students forum develop democratic values and leadership qualities among students .It functions under the guidance of the staff adviser and its leaders like Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary and are selected from among the students




We introduce NCC wing this year to inculcate discipline and feeling of patriotism among the future leaders of our country. Fifty students are enrolled in the Academic session 2021-22.


Scout & Guide


The school has introduced scout and yoga activities for , students from class Ill onwards. Its inculcates the spirit of truthfulness, loyally, helpfulness, social equality , politeness , obedience, courage, thrift and above all patriotism and sense of duty among the students. This training is given to them once in a week by means of drill, games , craft, Hiking, Swimming, Cam pi ng and Social Work. on joining the scout training a Cadet develops a unique personality which is useful for his/her future career.


Karate Training


Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects seek the development of defensive and counter attacking body movements. The themes of traditional Karate training are fighting and self defencethonghits mental and moral aspects target the overall improvement of the individual karate comes from two words. Kara meaning empty and te meaning hand. Thats because i t is a martial art that focuses on hand to hand combat rather than the use ofwea pons. we have special Karate Coach in our school for training students from classlll onwa rds. Students achieved interschool & State level Competition medals since last many years.



To develop aesthetic sense among the students, performing Music is included in the curriculum to the students. We organize competitions to encourage the budding talents. We have our school BAND AND AN ORCHESTRA THAT GIVE MESMERIZI NG PERFORMANCE FROM TIME TO TIME


Art & Craft


When hand and heart work in tandem, it results into everlasting beauty . Art and Craft enha nces the creative urge and visionary skills of the students .


German Language

English and German languages are sister languages. German languages belongs to the ten most popular languages in the world. It also got an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records of 2006.German Language consists of about 5.3 million words with a rising trend .This means it contains eight times as many words as the English language. Therefore it is considered as the rich language. We have special German language training classes in our school.


Parent-Teachers Meet

All Parents are encouraged to meet the teacher on every 2"d and 3d Saturday of every mon th to know the overall performa nce of their wards