Our Motto & Our Emblem
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", the wise saying of King Solomon is the motto of our school. God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. To become a perfect human being, reverence to God is the imperative response of each individual. Thus by worshipping and respecting the God Almighty, we learn to accept and honour our fellow beings. This makes each person wise and subsequently our society becomes just and peaceful.

Our emblem consists of a Shield and a Cross within it. The Dharma Chakra is found at the meeting point of the two bars of the Cross, flanked by an open book and a lighted lamp, and a Dove hovering over the Cross. The base has a length of ribbon with the inscription. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom."

(a) SHIELD : The shield symbolizes protection in man's eternal struggle against evil and ignorance. The shield in fact points to the will power and courage one should gain despite the adversaries we have to subdue in the race of life.

(b) CROSS : The cross stands for the sufferings, the trials and the tribulations that we have to experience when we are truly treading on the path of truth, justice and peace. It also points to the ultimate victory of truth and justice over evils

(c) DHARMA CHAKRA : The Dharma Chakra epitomises our eternal dynamism towards perfection through the path of truth, justice and non-violence.

(d) OPEN BOOK : The open book envisages the Nature as mother and at whose lap man's thirst for knowledge is quenched. It's very openness speaks in eloquent terms that the true seeker is never denied knowledge.

(e) LIGHTED LAMP : Lighted lamp represents the inexhaustible essence of knowledge which removes ignorance and spreads goodness and virtues.

(f) A DOVE : The dove is the harbinger of peace, piety and purity