A substantial number of hours in the timetable, and ample opportunity after school, are dedicated to encouraging children to explore the world of creative arts. Time spent on music, drama, dance and painting is time well spent.

The non-sporting activities offered by the school include craftwork, computer education, music, environmental studies etc.

Marthoma Higher Secondary School encourages its students to participate in a variety of competitions, which helps foster their versatile interests and their urge to excel in many ways.

Extra Curricular Activity / CLUBS
We have various clubs through which the students are given ample opportunity to grow to be a healthy person –emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. By involving them in various activities, they develop interpersonal relationships as well.

Mar Thoma interact club is running under the aegis of ‘Rotary Club’ of Indore. The club works with an objective of service to the society. The club works for the upliftment of the downtrodden sections of the society by providing them the things of their need. The club visits the nearby villages of Indore for this purpose.

GO - GREEN - ECO – CLUB is established to make our students aware and orient them to play their part to repair the degraded environment. Formation of the club has become a milestone in the history of Mar Thoma Schools as it enriches the young minds with right attitude towards environment. The club conducts various activities such as tree plantation, environmental awareness, inculcating social values in students etc. With its great motive, the club is on its path ahead.

Orchestra club was formed with an objective of exploring the hidden talents of the students. It also aims at the overall development of the students by enhancing their concentration.
Students are given the training of musical instruments like guitar, Congo, synthesizer etc.

Karate is an art that teaches respect and discipline through hard work. This in turn develops the inner spirit as well the body. The School prides in the fact that, more than in the regional and State level competitions, our students have won in many national and international level competitions.

International Level Tournament - Karate

1. Shashank Yadav : 3rd Position
Org. by: Shitorio Shika Koi Karate do Union India ( Date 29th June to 5th July 2010 & Place : Colombo (SriLanka)

National Level Karate Championship
1st All India Central Cup Karate Championship

1. Manoditya Singh : 1st
2. Shashank Yadav : 1st
3. Nikita Maheshwari : 3rd
4. Apoorva Sisodiya : 3rd
Org. by: CRPF Neemuch (M.P.)

All India Karate Championship - 2012 - Jaipur
1. Shashank Yadav : 2nd
2. Apoorva Sisodiya : 2nd
Org. by: Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Karate Do India and International Martial Arts Federation of India.

Date: 24th to 25th December 2012
National Tenshinkan Karate Championship
1. Nikita Maheshwari : 2nd

Date: 8th - 10th June 2012 (Nainital, Uttarakhand)
Certificate of first DAN BLACK BELT GRADE 1. Manoditya Singh
2. Shashank Yadav
3. Apoorva Sisodiya
Org. by: All India Karate - Do Federation & Gi Toku Kai Karate - Do India

Date : 18.08.12 - NEW DELHI.
National Level Tournament Kung - fu (Lucknow)
1. Shashank Yadav : 1st
2. Manoditya Singh : 2nd
3. Yashjeet Singh Tomar : 3rd

YOGA - An Ultimate Power
Yoga is a union of Atma & Parmatma. It is the science which deals with the health of body and harmony of mind. The aim of yoga is self-identification and self- perfection. It involves various asans which provide us a healthy mind & body so as to carry out work properly, perfectly & effectively. Our students have a regular session of yoga along with the morning Assembly as they begin the day in School

To be true to the oath they take, our students are oriented to do their best in their duties to God and the Country, and to help other people at all times.