Welcome to Marthoma Higher Secondary School



Plot No.1, Scheme No.54, Educational & Health Sector, Indore


Joy Varghese

Dear Friends, Parents & Guardians,

“In learning you may teach, and in teaching you may learn.”

It is an indisputable truth that teaching involves learning. An educator should always be willing to learn. At the outset, I thank you all for showing interest and reposing your trust and faith on Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School. We run a huge responsibility of making your wards the responsible citizens of our country. We take pride in our educational and social services rendered to our society under the prestigious banner of Mar Thoma Church. We are striving for perfection in our students for the past 26 years. We are doing our best with your utmost valuable support.

Our aim is to excel in the fields of education, sports and other cultural activities so that our students should not only be successful in their lives but also become honest and true human beings. We are indebted to you for your faith in us and seek your precious cooperation to perform even better. What started as a small institution many years back, has groomed into such a mega project with the professional expertise of our team, the dedication and excellence of our faculties, your unrelenting faith in us and the blessings of God Almighty.

The growth of the institution and your trust in us has bestowed a huge responsibility on our shoulders. We have to be up to your expectations and must excel in our endeavors. This makes us aware of the constant need of updating ourselves in knowledge and skills. We have to be alert and awake so that we do never rest till we reach our goal. This is our commitment to the nation, to the society, to us and a promise made to God.

May God bless us all.